Use your existing Black Friday promotions to reel in price savvy consumers and drive subscriber sign-ups by creating a Black Friday email series ahead of the big day

Black Friday email lead up

Think Black Friday is just the day after Thanksgiving in the US? With the increased competition and the rise of price savvy consumers it’s no longer just about getting the consumer to your site on the day, but giving them the information necessary to comparison shop beforehand. And if you can give consumers what they want along with capturing their opted-in data, even more reason why you should have a long lead up to Black Friday!


So, how will you go about using Black Friday to grow your email database?


  1. Create a “Save The Date”

Start ahead of time and notify your consumers that your brand will be part of Black Friday this year. By now the SA market is aware of what Black Friday means and why it is important. By announcing that you’ll be part of Black Friday you are ensuring that your consumers won’t forget about you when the time comes, and that they’ll be looking out for your specials. This is half the battle won 😉


Zando has been saving the date since June, have you?

Zando has been saving the date since June, have you?


  1. Create a sign-up form for Black Friday

Shoprite and Zando already created a Black Friday email sign-up in June on their websites this year. And although they might not be actively sending traffic to this sign-up so long ahead of time, the closer it gets to Black Friday, the more people will start to shop for exclusive offers and deals. By giving users a long lead time to sign-up, you’re ensuring you’re growing your list as fast and best as possible.


Shoprite Black Friday Sign-up

Shoprite gets you the best Black Friday deals, straight to your inbox.


  1. Offer exclusive deals or information on your email list

Comparison shopping for Black Friday is almost as big as the sales offered on the day itself. Consumers who are really price savvy and determined to get the best result won’t be as influenced by the urgency and hype on the day and will shop around for the best deal. So why not share exclusive online offers to your Black Friday mailing list and share it to them before the time? This way the consumers are aware of your special that’s coming and are able to react adequately i.e. shop your website or store first.


The value of knowing a Black Friday deal before the actual Black Friday is deemed valuable enough by consumers that they’ll sign-up to your mailing list without you having to give any additional discounts to reel in new subscribers.


Plan for growing your mailing list:
  • Set up a “Save the Date” landing page on your site with a mailing list sign-up
  • Send a series of teaser mailers leading up to Black Friday
  • Share exclusive access to your existing Black Friday deals or pre-orders to your mailing list ahead of the time – you don’t need to create new or exclusive deals, just give the users access ahead of the time. They will find this valuable enough.


Let’s get started

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