Instagram is a platform to share compelling stories through imagery. It has given new meaning to storytelling. Brands that are active on Instagram gain access to user generated content and in return generate new leads. Instagram has now broadened its options of advertising with a new type of advertising called carousel ads advertising.

Carousel ads

Carousel ads give brands more flexibility in telling stories by allowing users who view  ads to swipe left to see additional images. In addition to this, a link to a website of the brand’s choice can also be added.

Storytelling has become a popular medium for brand marketers to share, inspire and entice audiences. Users are spoiled for choice and preference because they are so different. Brands are spending a lot more time and money on digital media and marketing.

Benefits of carousel ads

  • One way to look at carousel ads are that it brings the potential of multi-page print campaigns to mobile phones.
  • Finally allows URLs to open on its network with the launch of carousel ads.
  • Diverse way of advertising beneficial to brands on Instagram.
  • Brands can measure who all have swiped through multiple photos and clicked through to their site, along with likes, comments, and visibility.

The feature could potentially be viewed as an addition to marketing tactics to build successful ad campaigns. It was inevitable that Instagram would diversify its ad offering to create more revenue.

Unfortunately the new feature will initially only be available in the United States for a limited set of advertising partners.