Google has recently announced a ranking signal change that will effectively favour mobile-friendly websites otherwise known as responsive websites.

At SMX West, Mitul Gandhi of seoClarity reported that mobile search currently makes up about 30% of total traffic, regardless of industry. It comes as no surprise as the usage of internet browsing on mobile phones are increasing. About 20% of the smart phone users do banking and finance related purchases on mobile phones.

Favouring responsive website

Favouring of a mobile friendly compliance raises the question whether your website design is responsive.

SEO is a core component of a company digital marketing strategy. A responsive site directs visitors to a single site no matter the device they prefer to use therefore having a responsive web design enhances SEO efforts.

The Google algorithm change is influenced by an increase of mobile internet users which will allow users to easily discover information that is:

  • Relevant to their search.
  • Device optimized across all platforms mobile platforms.
  • High in quality search results and
  • Flexible to any device.

A responsive web design is a long term investment even if it doesn’t affect your short-term traffic. Having a responsive website offers optimal viewing experience which results in an increase in traffic to the company website in the future. Optimal user experience accommodates busy professionals during the day, and students who are up late at night needing to access a        website. Companies are spending time, money and effort into marketing. Email marketing and e-commerce to be precise.

Last year, Shopify reported that mobile accounted for 50.3 percent of ecommerce traffic (40.3% mobile, 10% from tablets), beating out computers.*



The Google developers’ mobile friendly test enables companies to test its website responsiveness by visiting the Google Mobile Friendly Test.

Although the focus here is not so much algorithm, but more user experience. Companies are trying to give their users better experiences and easier access to compliment the efforts digital marketing and ecommerce.

Mobile users seeking optimization, better performance and an increase in browser speed will appreciate the future of a responsive mobile web design. A responsive website is an indication of adaptation to accommodate future mobile users.

*Vertical response, 2015