Smartphones have changed the way we communicate as humans on a daily basis and have become an integral part of consumers’ lives, with 90 percent of mobile users keeping their phones with them 100 percent of the time. (imedia connection 2015)

We are now realistically available to marketers through our personal devices at every moment of the day.

Do you know how many times you look at your mobile a day?

Do you know how many times you look at your mobile a day?

The answer is an average of 160 times a day. (Econsultancy 2015 UK)

Email  (still most common), research, searching for information, getting directions, social media, video, shopping and photos are some of the things we use the internet on our phones for each day.

Consider what that opportunity offers to marketers.

Okay so more of us have them than ever before and more of us are using them for an every widening variety of things. If your business wants to target the modern day consumer and hasn’t considered and implemented a mobile strategy you have missed a crucial opportunity and will lose market share to competitors who have.

Here are 6 basic steps to assist your business in harnessing the power of the mobile revolution.

1. Email

Still the most used medium on the internet. More emails are opened on mobile devices than on desktop computers now. So any email marketing you are doing has to take this into account. Your email communications and design must work on mobile.

2. Website Experience – UX

The modern consumer has a plethora of options at their fingertips, literally, with their mobile. If your website disappoints them on their mobile, in functionality or content then they will go to your competitors. Once bitten twice shy. That means your mobile experience has to be as smooth an experience as your web site. You site must be responsive. This mean built in a fashion which functions on a mobile browser.

3. Search

Search is the lifeblood of many businesses. It connect your products and services to those that want them. Google has recently added mobile compatibility as a factor in websites search ranking. If your site isn’t responsive it will damage your rankings and hence your flow of potential customers.

4. CRM

One of the best ways to reach your customers and prospects is to talk to them. Mobile offers a great opportunity to capture data of your consumers whether it be email or SMS. Social media is great for getting the word out, but nothing beats the power direct connection.  According to the Direct Marketing Association, 66% of consumers have made a purchase as a result of an email marketing message.  Make sure your mobile marketing offers easy data capture functionality.

5. Social Media 

Every person wandering in your store is a potential marketing executive for your brand. Make it easy for, and encourage your users to take pictures of your products and services, share it via social media and become an advocate for your business.

6. Apps

85% of mobile users feel more at ease with apps as compared to mobile websites. iOS apps generate nearly four times the revenue that corresponding Android apps do. The Facebook app (74%) is the most downloaded social media app followed by Google+ (53%) and then Google Search (53%). ( Instigate action through apps using mobile-only loyalty programs, push notifications to alert your customers of specials, discounts and special events, and most importantly, keep your business in the palm of your customers hand.


If you want a successful business then your need a well thought out and executed mobile strategy. Mobile usage is a key behaviours for the modern day consumer, so harness it as a marketing medium for your business and reap the rewards. It’s here to stay and its growing fast. Don’t get left behind.

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