The numbers of mobile users are increasing every day, as technology advances and mobile apps becoming a more efficient tool to browse the internet in oppose to desktop tools.

The amount of mobile users are currently accelerating and becoming a current trend, therefore it is important for marketers to focus on mobile marketing in today’s current digital marketing industry in order to succeed.

Essential guidelines to drive mobile conversations consist of mobile optimised sites. This is the focal key for mobile marketing; usually business organisations create a fully optimised website in a mobile app form this is specifically designed for mobile users as it enables them to access and browse through their mobile devices. Website content should usually be tested beforehand on mobile devices and tailored to the behaviour of mobile users. Additionally the content must be designed accordingly to be easily viewed by a mobile browser, such as short paragraphs and simple bullet points; furthermore the website must be accessible through finger and thumbs with a very fast loading time.

Mobile-Optimised Emails

Inevitably, most emails from brands and companies are sent to mobile users every day, most frequently morning times, which will be read on mobile devices. This urges modern workers to check emails every morning as it’s a simple and efficient way of skim-reading through important emails. It should be a marketer’s goal to capture a mobile user attention via emails. Usually a column layout is considered the best option.

Social media on mobile devices

Social media is potentially the biggest trend for online users,especially younger generations right now; therefore using social media to promote and advertise is a fantastic strategy to embark on. Especially on mobile devices which are designed for easy, efficient and accessible use. It is important you brand consumes a strong social presence and understanding that most consumers engaging with your brand on social media are doing so from a mobile device hence why it gives you more the reason, for your brand to invest in social media campaigns.

Importance of mobile specific paid social campaigns

Investing in paid social media campaigns into mobile devices could be incredibly worthwhile. Examples such as using ads of the current big social media platforms, such as Instagram and Snap chat, to promote your brand with a great quality visual design and applying targeting options for a specific demographic group to ensure the correct audience is being reached on the correct device.

Video marketing is an effective tool

Video marketing is a great marketing strategy currently and only evolving in the digital marketing industry. Over 60% of mobile users will be watching a video content on their mobile devices. Therefore it is worth your money in investing of video content from a marketing perspective. Video marketing increases customer engagement, drives revenue grown and much more.



Marketers are aware that mobile devices are a huge, current communication tool used for various reasons such as promoting, marketing and socialising, therefore it is worth investing in a mobile marketing strategy as it is becoming a focal concept in the digital marketing industry.