With the use of mobile shopping on the rise, your Cyber Monday marketing plan isn’t complete without adding mobile marketing into the mix.

Mobile shopping on the rise in SA

No longer just delegated to CDs, books and DVDs, South African buying behaviour on mobile have started to catch up with our American and UK counterparts. Gone are the days of only sticking to instore or online desktop purchases – mobile shopping behaviour has impacted online shopping to such an extend that big SA retailers Woolworths, Clicks and Mr Price have invested heavily in developing their e-commerce platforms, and ensuring that it’s not just optimised for online shopping, but mobile shopping as well.


55% of South Africans have a smart phone

With Huawei, Xiaomi and Hisense entering the South African market, smart phones have become more affordable with more and more South Africans having access to the internet and mobile shopping than before. And while data is a continuous pain point in SA, with the arrival of affordable internet fibre and WiFi connections, more and more users are being exposed to the options of mobile banking, mobile purchases for airtime and bill payment – and most importantly, mobile retail.


Zando sold 80 items a minute on Black Friday

Considering the way Black Friday has grown in the South African market, and considering the ever-increasing inconvenience of shopping instore during Black Friday weekend, then a mobile approach for Cyber Monday is the perfect way to reach your consumers and get them to engage in discounted deals in the safety and luxury of their home or office.


Our recommendations for mobile:
  • Send an SMS prior to Cyber Monday to direct your audiences to your online store.
  • SMS can be sent at any time and isn’t dependent on whether users are accessing their emails or at work, it is delivered straight to their inbox no matter where they are.
  • Send a reminder SMS during or towards the middle of Cyber Monday and push relevant deals to the audience that you know they’d like. Whether it is a specific product, or a very high discount, make sure it resonates with your customer.
  • Short and sweet – SMS marketing helps to drive new data to your site while your Apps and CRM database can remind those already loyal to your brand of the impending discounts and upcoming shopping fest.


Let’s get started

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