So …you are considering the benefits of outsourcing your digital marketing from the UK.

  • Outsourcing digital marketing means you don’t have to employ additional permanent staff to get the job done.
  • Skilled digital marketing strategy and production is not cheap, so putting together a quality team that delivers the excellence you require can result in a heavy salary bill each month.
  • Employing large teams has a financial and emotional strain. You’ve discovered your new hire can’t deliver on what they are supposed to do, or cover what you need to get done? Getting rid of internal staff is a lot more difficult than managing a relationship with your agency.
  • You receive top quality work, benefit from economies of scale, and keep your salary bill low — everyone is a winner.

So the theory is understood — now you need to find a key piece in your game plan, the agency to which you are going to outsource!

There are hundreds of thousands of agencies across the world. Many will promise you that world, not so many will deliver.

What to consider when you look to choose a digital marketing outsource agency partner from the UK.

  • Do they have the required skill set and experience to deliver a quality outsource digital marketing provision? Can they do what you need to get done?
  • What clients do they have?
  • Have they got strong testimonials?
  • Do they currently have outsource clients in your country?
  • What level of experience do they have in your marketplace?
  • What are their processes?
  • Who will be the team that works on your account?
  • How will you bill?
  • What laws will govern your relationship?
  • What are the values of the company?
  • Where are they based?
  • Is it on a reasonable time zone compatible with your business?
  • Is the MD and senior management available to you?
  • Is the cost right compared to the quality?

Why South Africa is the perfect outsource destination for UK digital marketing outsourcing.
You weigh up all these considerations, look for answers and… taaa daa daaaaaaaaaaa; the winner is South Africa! (And we are the agency you are looking for!). Okay, so it’s a plug for our agency, and why not? We are proud of what we do and the factors all combine to deliver the required outcome : hassle free profit via outsourced digital marketing excellence for your business.

Skill Set: Digital Fire provides comprehensive full service digital marketing solutions from concept to execution; we can do it all. Check out our site.

Experience: We provide digital marketing solutions from SMEs to top global brands such as Philips, Coke and Warner Bros. Our senior team have worked in the US and the UK, we know the nuances of the markets and we understand the consumers in those markets.

Time Zone: Cape Town where our HQ sits, differs only by 1 or 2 hours from the UK depending on the time of year. We are at our desks before most agencies start in the UK and we are here throughout the UK working day.

Language: We speak, write and think in the Queen’s English (as well as being able to provide word perfect German, Italian and French).

Rand to Pound: Despite the chaos of Brexit, the rand is still weak compared to the good old pound and the comparative costs mean that you save around 30% on your costs. That’s significant.

Billing and Recourse: Digital Fire has a UK registered company so we are happy to bill in the UK and be beholden to UK law in all our dealings.

Results: We have the examples, case studies and results to prove our quality.

Get in touch, we are ready to listen and to deliver for you.

Thomas Boyd

Managing Director.

Digital Fire.