Want to hear something crazy?

Having one video in an email can lead to a 200-300% higher click through rate.

Impressive stat, right?

Not only that but apparently simply including the promise of a video in an email subject line can increase your open rates by 19%, click through rate by 65%… and alsodecreases unsubscribes.

This speaks volumes to the effectiveness of video content in your emails in 2017.

But what about the effectiveness of getting the email to begin with?

That works, too.

According to SocialBakers, video has the highest engagement rate of any content on Facebook — and the highest engagement rate of any other video-friendly platform:

In fact, Facebook seems to be taking over YouTube in the effectiveness of video, doubling the views you can expect and 7xing the engagement from YouTube.

Since Facebook is becoming the Google of content marketing in terms of actually finding engaging content, and video outperforms all other content on Facebook, investing in video on Facebook can raise your opt-in rates.

Previously, the typical trajectory would look like this:

  1. Create an image to post to Facebook with a link to your content
  2. Have your Facebook fans click on the link or image to go to the content
  3. Offer a content upgrade in the content to get the email
  4. Capture the email addresses of those visitors who didn’t drop off before the call to action.

But in 2017, just explain everything you want to say in a video and have your audience click through to a simple landing page to collect emails.

After all, the farther your audience has to scroll to get information (or to the email capture), the higher rate of drop off you’ll get.

Video makes it simple for the audience member to hand over their email.

Source: sumo.com

Most of our clients plan to increase their use of YouTube and video email marketing this year. We are excited at the prospect as we know that video has an undeniable impact on email KPIs including. How research shows that including video in your email can increase open rates by up to 19%, boost click-through rates by 65% and reduce unsubscribes by 26%.

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